A Modern, 100% Cloud Based Solution.

24/7 Access

Access your company information at any time from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet browser.


Adm Cloud works natively on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android or iPhone.


Adm Cloud provides multiple customization tools to help you create your own fields and reports. You can use JavaScript and C# with the customization API or you can integrate third-party services and your own custom applications using our REST API.

Always Up-to-Date

You always have access to the latest version without the need to update software. Any settings and customizations that you make are retained across updates at no additional cost to you.


High Functionality. Integrated for Everyone.

Control all of your business' processes with Adm Cloud's integration tools. The system has a wide variety of optional modules which you can use to customize the solution to fit your needs. No longer will you need to invest time and money in maintaining multiple systems and connecting them all together.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting, Banks, Budgets, Fixed Assets, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable.

Sales and CRM

CRM, Sales, Opportunities, Customer Service, Electronic Commerce, Virtual Store, Sales Force Automation.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Purchases, Inventories, Distribution, Equipment Maintenance, Production Planning, Production Costs, Capacity Analysis.

Thinking in Corporate Groups.

Manage all your companies like never before. With Adm Cloud you can interact with the financial information from all your companies in real time. It is now easier than ever to view all your businesses' information in a simple, efficient way.

Consolidated Reports

Generate consolidated or comparative financial statements in seconds. Compare the commercial or operational information of all your businesses like they were a single company.

Consolidated Records

You no longer have to manage duplicate information in different systems. Do you own companies that share customers, suppliers or inventory items? Modify your information in one place and have all your companies updated instantly.

Cost Savings

Share resources among all your companies to reach maximum efficiency.

Digital Document Storage.

Store all your company's digital information in Adm Cloud through its image control functionality and digital files. Link photos to your products and fixed assets as well as store your brochures, contracts, payment vouchers and other documentation all tied to your business transactions for easy access.

More than 500 companies use Adm Cloud.

Marisol Portillo

Proempaques Nacionales

"It has allowed us to simplify our processes and integrate all areas of our company in a friendly and easy way."

José Pérez

Pérez Sanz & Associates

"ADM Cloud is the future. It is the equivalent to the electric car."

Arnaldo Pérez


"Upon entering ADM Cloud and seeing the first screen, I have an X-ray of my business."

Juan Lebrón


"It has everything you need and nothing is missing. It works for all types of companies: micro, small, medium and large."

Robust and Safe.

Adm Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure, one of the largest and most robust cloud computing networks in the world. Microsoft Azure is owned by Microsoft and used by more than 90% of the 500 largest companies in the USA. It safeguards your information with more than 40 gigantic computing centers distributed around the world providing automated backups, data replication, high availability and 24/7 access from wherever you are.



Your information is backed up daily and securely stored on our servers for 30 days.


High Availability

Your information is replicated continuously across multiple servers.



Your information is protected by the most advanced antivirus and intrusion prevention systems.



Go from one user to hundreds without the need to upgrade or add a new server.

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